For the fourth year we are happy to announce our Kinder Transition Grant Application for school districts. Districts in Clatsop, Columbia, and Tillamook counties can apply for funds to support successful transition into kindergarten for children and families. If you have questions about this opportunity, please contact Elena Barreto at

The kindergarten transition grant supports districts with: 

  • Providing early and multiple connections for families and children to their elementary school

  • Providing social and emotional skill building for children and information to their parents on how to support social and emotional skill building at home

  • Providing meaningful, evidence-informed family engagement through which:

    • Families leave knowing more about what their child should know or be able to do (the learning/developmental goals) at that grade/age level

    • They leave knowing how (through practice) to employ a new tool or activity at home to support those goals

As of the Fall 2018, we've supported over 750 children and their families with the transition to kindergarten. Data collected from parent surveys shows that over 90% of parents report feeling welcome at their child's school and feeling that their child is ready for kindergarten, after participating in a kinder transition supports.